Cellaring Recommendations

Do you have some old Anderson wines tucked away and you're not sure when to drink them?

Please note that all these suggestions are assuming you have good cellaring conditions. If you do not have a good cellar (constant temperature under 20°C), then you should not keep any wine longer than a couple of years.

If you've found a wine in your cellar which is past it's recommended drinking window, don't despair. If it's a special occasion, we recommend having a back-up wine ready just in case, but open that old bottle up and it might just be fabulous! (We love hearing about cases like this, so get in touch if you find an old gem!)

Sparkling Whites

We recommend you drink our sparkling whites within about a year of purchase. This is because we age them with the yeast inside the bottle, which keeps them fresh and adds complexity. We remove the yeast just before selling the bottle.

If you've had some of our bubblies for several years, don't despair. They won't be undrinkable - just less fresh and creamy, and perhaps a bit less bubbly. But we'd suggest you get stuck into them pretty soon!

Sparkling Reds

As with the sparkling whites, sparkling reds will lose their freshness and creaminess after a couple of years. However, they will continue to age like a red wine.

So, if you like them fresh and creamy, drink them soon.

If you like them with more aged characters you can hold onto them for a few years. Just keep in mind that when we release them they are already quite a few years old, and the wine will change a bit to be more like a "aged dry red with bubbles" the longer you keep them.

Still whites:

Varietal wines(eg. Chenin blanc, Viognier) generally 7 or 8 years from vintage (with the exception of the 2018 Chenin blanc which was an earlier drinking style and will be best within 4 or 5 years).

Blends(eg. Dry white) - drink it!

Still Reds:

Tempranillo:5-7 years from vintage


Basket press or just Shiraz on the label:7-8 years from vintage

Reserve / Verrier Shiraz:12-15 years from vintage

Cellar block Shiraz:12-15 years from vintage

Petit verdot

Basket press or just Petit verdot on the label:7-8 years from vintage

Reserve Petit verdot:10-12 years from vintage

Cellar block Petit verdot:12-15 years from vintage


Basket press or just Durif on the label:8-10 years from vintage

Reserve Durif:8-12 years from vintage

Storyteller Durif:12-15 years from vintage

Cellar block Durif:12-15+ years from vintage

Durif Shiraz

Verrier Durif Shiraz:12-15 years from vintage

Saperavi(we don't know yet! Our first vintage was 2013 and we think it will age really well. This is our best guess)

Verrier Saperavi:8-12 years from vintage

Cellar block Saperavi:12-15 years from vintage

Photo credit: Rob Anderson