It's been a cold and frosty July! Our average minimum temperature for the month was -0.5 degrees, with a finger numbing 16 mornings starting out below -2.0 degrees. But frosty mornings mean clear, sunny days.....

11th Aug 2022

Wishes do come true! Back in February, just as the first of our grapes were starting to ripen, I wrote in our member newsletter..."we'd be quite happy if La Nina packed her bags and left right now!". Okay, so she didn't actually leave, but she did stop directing her fury at us! 

13th May 2022

Have you ever come across this in your cellar? It can happen in humid situations like we are having now, but thankfully the wine inside is NOT affected. The mould is only external, and cannot grow through the cork to get inside. Simply clean it off with a damp cloth before opening, and you’re good to go! 

7th Jan 2022

Our Cellar door will be open most days over the Christmas / New Year period, only closing on Christmas day & Boxing day, and the 1st & 2nd of January (and closing early on Christmas eve and New Years eve).

Bookings are not required, but are appreciated for groups (i.e 6+).

We look forward to welcoming you!

15th Dec 2021

Wines shows are back! After everything being cancelled in 2020, the 2 major shows we enter in (Rutherglen and the Australian Small Winemakers) have gone ahead in 2021 and our combined medal count stands at 1 Trophy, 6 Gold medals, 12 Silver medals and 14 bronze medals.....

4th Nov 2021

Most of our higher price point reds are released when they are 5 years old. So, they have a little bit of age on them and are all delicious to drink now, but they will cellar further too, if you are so inclined.

2016 was a fast and furious vintage - all the reds ripened a the same time, so it was a race against time to pick the all the grapes. We won the race, and the wines look great!

25th Aug 2021

As the sun sets on another vintage, we reflect on a season of good spring rain, mild temperatures, late summer downpours and worker shortages. The bottom line? After all that, the wines look great!

10th Apr 2021

We are so excited here on the border that NSW is opening the border with Victoria on November 23! And given the low number of cases in Melbourne over the last few days, we expect all will go ahead with opening up Melbourne to the rest of Victoria this Sunday. On a personal level that means that we, along with many other families around the country, can see each other for Christmas this year, which is even more special than usual.

And of course, it also means we can start welcoming YOU back to our Cellar door! Things will be different for a while, with all the Covid regulations, but it will be great to start seeing people here again.

If you are planning a trip, here's a run down of what you need to know:

6th Nov 2020

Check out our video of Howard & Christobelle having a chat about the wines in our Spring 2020 Wine club tasting pack.

Then you can visit our Wine Club page if you'd like to sign up and get one!

1st Sep 2020

“Alfie” is a 1946 Grey Fergi tractor with a special story.

What would you do if your grandfather left you a tractor but you didn't even have a shed to put it in? That happened to Howard and it turned out for the best!

Click on the title to read the full story

5th Aug 2020

The story behind our Storyteller Durif label is a great one to tell at our (currently closed) Cellar door.

Howard's mother had a pet cockatoo "Cocky", who was born in 1940 and died in 2013. That's right - 73 years! He knew 4 generations of our family, and could tell a lot of stories about what happened in the backyard over all those years. He'd mimic family members from years ago .... (click title to read more)

11th May 2020

Have you been catching up with friends & family over video link who share your love of Anderson wine?

Why not both of you open an Anderson bottle (maybe even the same wine if you both have it) and share the experience? We love hearing about virtual Anderson wine parties!

Pro tip: in these times of isolation and not being able to physically share a bottle with friends, you can make an open bottle keep longer by.... (click title to read more)

17th Apr 2020

Due to the Covid-19 situation and government health advice, Anderson Cellar door will be closed from Monday March 23 until further notice. This includes the Easter long weekend.

Our online shop is still open, so you can have our wines delivered to your doorstep.

Take care, stay healthy, and remember we are all in this together.

23rd Mar 2020

Our Cellar door will be open most days during the Christmas / New Year period.

Please note that our last day for dispatching online orders will be December 18th. All orders received after that will be sent in the week of January 13th 2020. If you have an urgent need for Anderson wine during that time, please call our Cellar door (it will be too late for pre-Christmas delivery though).

16th Dec 2019

Late Spring is an eventful time in the vineyard & winery. Our vines are just starting to form the berries which will become our 2020 wines, and we are busy in the winery too.

22nd Nov 2019
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