Meet Alfie

“Alfie” is a 1946 Grey Fergi tractor with a special story.

Alfie was purchased second-hand in the 1950’s by Howard’s grandfather (Alfred) who had a small table grape vineyard in Griffith NSW. The tractor was a big step up from his old manual rotary hoe, and it became one of his most prized possessions.

When Alfred went into a nursing home in the 1980’s, he gave the tractor to Howard as his inheritance. All the other grandchildren received cash, which Howard would have much preferred at the time because he didn’t have any use for a tractor, or even anywhere to store it (he was working as winemaker for another winery and didn’t purchase the land where Anderson winery is until 1992).

As Alfred became sicker, he kept asking when Howard was going to come and pick up the tractor. Howard was building a house in Rutherglen, and promised that once he had put up a shed, he would come and get the tractor.  So, when the shed was built, Howard went and collected the tractor and then went to visit his grandad in the nursing home. By this time Alfred was very sick and hadn’t spoken a word to anyone for days. However, as soon as Howard walked in the door, Alfred opened his eyes and said “Howard, you’ve come to get the tractor?”. Howard replied that yes, it’s on his trailer and ready to take home. Alfred didn’t speak again for the rest of the visit, but was at peace. Alfred died that night. 

After a few years, Howard was able to fully utilise his inheritance, as Alfie the Grey Fergi tractor was what Howard used to prepare the ground & dig the holes to plant out Anderson vineyard.

And we still use Alfie during harvest to tow our bins of hand-picked grapes into the winery.

So, thanks Grandad for the inheritance after all!