Our History

Howard's history and the beginnings of Anderson winery

  • 1964January 1st

    Howard enters the world of wine

    Despite having no family connections with the wine industry, Howard's first job after completing High School was as a trainee winemaker in a family winery in NSW.

  • 1970December 1st

    The start of a Sparkling obsession

    Howard gained enormous experience as a Senior Winemaker during his 14 years at Seppelt Great Western (1970-1984), who at the time were one of Australia's major Sparkling wine producers.

  • 1971June 1st

    An introduction to Rutherglen

    Howard's job with Seppelt brought him to Rutherglen several times as the relief / locum winemaker at their Rutherglen winery.

  • 1984September 1st

    Rutherglen becomes home

    After tiring of the petty politics of a large winery, Howard decided to relocate permanently to Rutherglen, and spent about 5 years as the Winemaker and General Manager of Jolimont wines in Rutherglen.

  • 1986February 1st

    The first Sparkling wines in North east Victoria

    While working as winemaker for Jolimont, Howard made the first Sparkling white & Sparkling red wines in North east Victoria

  • 1991March 1st

    The first Anderson wine

    Howard made the first very small batch of his own Sparkling Shiraz, using purchased grapes and the facilities at other local wineries

  • 1992June 1st

    Anderson vineyard established

    Howard planted the first hectare of vines (Shiraz) on his newly purchased property

  • 1993March 6th

    Anderson Cellar door opens

    The newly built winery & Anderson Cellar door were ready for action for the 1993 vintage

  • 1999June 1st

    Durif & Petit verdot planted

    During the 90's, we expanded our Shiraz plantings to 4 hectares. Then in 1999 we added a hectare each of Durif & Petit verdot

  • 2006January 1st

    Christobelle joins her Dad

    After graduating with first class honours in Winemaking from Adelaide University, Howard's eldest daughter gained some experience working in France before returning to work alongside Howard in 2005

  • 2007June 1st

    Other varieties planted

    More additions were made to the vineyard - half a hectare each of Tempranillo (a Spanish red variety), Saperavi (a Georgian red variety - which is north of Turkey, near the Black Sea), and Chenin blanc, and also 1 hectare of Brown Muscat and a couple of rows of Viognier

  • 2013October 1st

    Growing all we make

    In the early 2010's, seeing how well Durif and Saperavi in particular were performing - even through the drought - the decision was made to graft over some of our Shiraz to these varieties. Our vineyard area now stands at: 2.5ha Durif, 2ha Shiraz, 1ha Petit verdot, 1ha Saperavi, 1ha Muscat, 0.5ha Tempranillo, 0.5ha Chenin blanc & 0.3ha Viognier.

    This varietal mix allows us to be self sufficient. We don't buy any grapes, and we make all we grow into Anderson wine.

  • 2023July 19th

    Certified Sustainable

    Anderson winery and Anderson vineyard are audited for Sustainable Winegrowing Australia and become certified members

  • 2023September 1st

    Planting more Saperavi

    Saperavi continues to impress, so we plant another half hectare of it, taking our total plantings of the variety to 1.5 hectares (these young vines are expected to start producing in 2026).