Our Philosophy

Right from the beginning, Howard established our vineyard as dryland (unirrigated). The initial reason for this was primarily an issue of fruit quality (low yields = higher colour, flavour & quality). However, it obviously is also quite good for the environment, as an average irrigated vineyard uses a lot of water. We have no water rights, and only have a small dam on the property for "emergencies" (those being new plantings, or just enough to stop the leaves falling off during extreme drought).

We also have several rain water tanks on the property which provide 100% of our winery water usage.

In 2012 we installed solar panels on our winery roof, and we added more in early 2020. Our aim is to produce enough power to completely cover our electricity usage.

We have always believed in using minimal preservatives in our wines. Although we are not certified organic, we choose to stay below the allowed organic limit for sulphites in all our wines. The only preservative we use is minimal Sulphur dioxide gas - never Potassium Metabisulphite. Potassium Metabisulphite is a powdered form of sulphite which is used in most Australian wines, and we believe some people (including ourselves) have an adverse reaction to it.