Current Release

2018 Sparkling Shiraz

A full bodied, rich, ripe and smooth Sparkling Shiraz. 

It is the perfect match for gamey meats such as duck or kangaroo, or is a great partner to cheese or paté. At home we pull it out every time roast pork is on the menu (it goes particularly well with the crackling), and of course, it reigns King of the Christmas dinner table!

THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT OVER CHRISTMAS - You've caught us off guard and we've run out! We're frantically riddling more bottles of this to get them ready for sale, expected by mid-late February, if not sooner.

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This wine was bottled in January 2020, and after completing secondary fermentation, was left to mature on yeast lees for close to 4 years.

All Sparkling wines, including sparkling reds, should be well chilled before opening to avoid gushing.